Getting started

Learn more about Tamara's Partners Portal, what you can do with it and what features does it have.

The Tamara Partners Portal helps you to manage any action related to your store with Tamara. You can view and manage your orders, settlement reports, register to Webhooks, and more.

Your account credentials are sent to your email address upon creation of your account at Tamara; once you have registered with us and your integration process has begun.

Login to the Production/Live Partners Portal
Login to the Sandbox Partners Portal

Manage orders

Once a customer completes the checkout with Tamara as the payment method, the order will automatically show up under the ‘Orders’ section with all the relevant order details and order status.

Order Reports

A list of orders can be exported in a CSV file to validate with your store dashboard.

Select the required date range > Click on ‘Export Orders CSV’.

The file will be generated and sent to you on the registered email. (It might take some time depending on file size).

Refunding orders

An order can be refunded through this portal.

Search for the respective order either by the order reference shared from your end or the order reference generated from Tamara end > Click on the order, once it shows up on the Orders table.

On clicking, you will be redirected to the order details page where more information about the order will be available. At the bottom of the page, next to order items:

Click on ‘Refund’ > Enter the amount you need to refund to the customer.

Other operations such as Capture or Cancel can also be performed in the same way.

Settlement Reports

These reports provide a list of orders that were captured, refunded or canceled over a weekly period. The portal generates a different report for each entity registered with us. These reports help you to reconcile the deposits made to your bank account and validate them with your store dashboard.

Along with settlement reports, we also generate monthly tax invoices, which are available under the 'Invoices' section.

Click on ‘Download’ adjacent to each invoice to download the report.

To export a group of invoices: Select the required date range > Click on the ‘Export Invoices’.


Useful info on our Tax invoices

  • The tax invoice is compliant with the new E-Invoicing Regulation that has been enforced starting December 4, 2021, in KSA.
  • The tax invoice is only applicable to the merchants selling in KSA.
  • Only the tax invoice can be used for tax filing purposes.

General information about your settlements with Tamara, can be found under the ‘Settlement Info’ section.

User Management

Multiple users can be created for your team through this portal.

Click on ‘Users’ > ‘All Users’ > ‘Add New User’ > Enter the details > ‘Save User’.

An activation email will be sent to the user’s registered email to set the password.


The password reset link will be valid for 72 hours only.

If the user didn't activate their email within 72 hours, the admin of the partners portal can issue them another activation email.

Click on ‘Users’ > ‘Users Roles’ to view the details about the available roles and permissions, based on which, every user created can be assigned a suitable role, to have access to certain pages and functionalities, as per requirement.


You can register/ subscribe to Webhooks and events for your system, by defining them on this portal.

Click on ‘Webhooks’ > ‘Add New Webhook’.

You can also edit an existing webhook and register to any event related to the various order statuses.

Merchant support

For any assistance related to the partners portal, please refer to the detailed guide that will be shared with you along with your account credentials.

Alternatively, you may also contact us through your Partner Success Manager or through our help center.