Console Commands

Update order status

For any unforeseen reasons, sometimes the order status is directly updated to the database (may be from a 3rd party service), and OpenCart is not able to handle the status change to trigger Tamara events (authorise/cancel/capture).

In such a scenario, run the following console command to update an order:

php {web_root}/tamara/console.php tamara:orders-scan --start-time={startTime} --end-time={endTime}
start-time (required)Orders created after this time will be scanned
end-time (optional)Orders created before this time will be scanned

For example, if you want to scan orders created in the last 7 days, use this command:

php {web_root}/tamara/console.php tamara:orders-scan --start-time="-7 days"

or a specific exact time to scan:

php {web_root}/tamara/console.php tamara:orders-scan --start-time="2021-01-01 00:00:00" --end-time="2021-01-01 23:59:59"