Online Order Status Flow

To integrate with Tamara and connect your e-commerce platform with our service, it is necessary to fully understand how the flow of our order statuses work and map them to your system’s statuses.

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Online Order Status Flow

Add Item(s) to cart new declined expired canceled updated approved authorised partially_captured fully_captured fully_refunded partially_refunded Customer Eligibility Check Checkout Session Created Not completed in 30 mins Not in 72 hrs authorised If only updated Paid Successfully Order Shipped/fulfilled Acknowledged by Merchant Order Refunded

Online Order Status Description


Customer has initiated the checkout session with Tamara as a payment method.


Customer was declined to continue the payment with Tamara.


  • Customer did not complete the payment with Tamara within 30 minutes of checkout session being created, or
  • Order was not authorised within 72 hours, or the authorised order was not captured or canceled within 90 days(our team will contact you in this case to fix this issue).


Important Note

Incomplete orders such as (declined/expired) won't be listed on Tamara's partner portal.


Customer placed a new order, and completed the 1st payment successfully.


Tamara verified the customer’s payment and authorised the order to be valid. You can consider the order paid at this stage and proceed so.


Important Notes

  1. Orders should NOT be left pending at approved status, as it would usually indicate a technical/status sync issue and must be addressed immediately by:
    1. Authorising it, then canceling it or capturing it depending on the intended status at your end.
    2. Double-checking the implemented method for authorisation.
  2. Authorisation acts as an order acknowledgement, and it is mandatory for the order to proceed to the next statuses.


Order has been fully shipped by the merchant to the customer.


Part of the order has been shipped by the merchant to the customer.


Important Notes

  1. Capturing acts as a confirmation that the order amount will be added to the merchant's next settlement.
  2. Capture could map to ‘shipping’ or ‘fulfilling’, depending on the merchant use-case and setup.


The order amount has been fully refunded by Tamara to the customer at the merchant's request.


Part of the order amount has been refunded by Tamara to the customer at the merchant's request.


Order has been completely canceled before shipping (capturing) while on the authorised status.

updated (Partially Canceled)

Part of the order has been canceled before shipping (capturing) while on the authorised status.

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