API Token Management

An API Token is used to identify and authenticate merchants to perform transactions and API requests with Tamara.

Generate your API Tokens directly from the portal for online and in-store API integrated merchants. This allows developers to access and use their tokens to send requests to Tamara. Only users with Admin role have access to this feature.

  1. Login to the Tamara Partners Portal

  2. Go to Tamara API Credentials from the sidebar

  3. Click on Generate New Key + from the top right corner

  4. A pop-up confirmation will appear, read carefully and the click on I am aware, continue

  1. Enter the OTP sent to the primary email address used to onboard Tamara
  1. Once generated, the admin can copy and use this key to initiate transactions with Tamara.


Copy and download the keys, as they can’t be viewed again, and will need to generate a new set of tokens to view again.