Go-Live Testing Checklist

This is an elaborated list of needed checks to validate an integration completion. Checks marked with ( * ) are optional depending on the merchant support for that use case.

Payment options

  • โœ… Tamara's options are shown based on the min/max configurations (API for eligibility check) set for the merchant
    • โœ… less than min
    • โœ… more than max
    • โœ… within range
  • โœ… Tamara's options are shown with the right labels
  • โœ… Tamara's icon is shown next to the options
  • โœ… Tamara's icon is present wherever payment options are listed (footer, cart page, etc)


  • โœ… Users can trigger checkout and complete it successfully
  • โœ… Checkout language matches store interface
  • โœ… Checkout details match order at the store
  • โœ… Order status matches expected status on order completion (authorized)
  • โœ… Orders payload is passed correctly (order reference id, items details, totals, and consumer details)
  • โœ… Customer is directed correctly in all scenarios
    • โœ… Success
    • โœ… Cancelation
    • โœ… Failure
  • โœ… Checkout is checked on mWeb
  • โœ… Checkout is checked on Mobile apps (if applicable)
  • โœ… Right Assets - You will find the asset usage guidelines and logos on the link here.


  • โœ… Communication with customer mentions Tamara as the payment method
  • โœ… Customers receive order updates on shipping (from the merchant if Tamara capture notifications are off)

Order Management

  • โœ… Order authorization is happening automatically after orders approval without issue
  • โœ… Order updates are triggered correctly from the dashboard or merchant OMS if integrated and reflect correctly to Tamara
  • โœ… Order status at merchant and Tamara are synced/matched
  • โœ… Check for order status - Pull Mechanism
  • โœ… Cancellation flow (a cancel API call is triggered to Tamara on cancelation happening from the different initiation points)
    • โœ… Full cancellation
    • โœ… Partial cancellation*
  • โœ… Capture flow ( a capture API call is triggered to Tamara on shipping the order )
    • โœ… Full capture
    • โœ… Partial capture*
  • โœ… Refunds flow (a refund API call is triggered to Tamara on refund happening from the different initiation points)
    • โœ… Full refund
    • โœ… Partial refund*
  • โœ… All Tamara orders refunds are handled over Tamara ONLY, no refund to store wallet allowed.
  • โœ… Webhook Configuration Complete

*To be covered if you support such partial cases in your store's flow