Settlement Dashboard

Our user-friendly settlement dashboard gives you full control over your financial transactions.

To view your settlements’ details on the Tamara Partners Portal, click on Billings tab in the sidebar.

Here you will be able to view your upcoming settlement amounts and the expected date to receive them, along with your chosen or default Settlement model.

Overview of Settlements

View the summarized details of your settlements here.

Glossary of terms

  • Upcoming payment: the amount of your upcoming payment.
  • Expected by: the anticipated date of your next payment.
  • Settlement Cycle: Know when your settlements are processed, whether daily or weekly.
  • Settlement Model: Easily switch between Flexible and Fixed Model (formerly known as weekly)
  • Not paid yet: the amount that is pending settlement.
  • Current balance up to now: the current amount in your account pending with Tamara.
  • Last settled amount: The last amount settled by Tamara into your account.

Settlement details

View a comprehensive breakdown of individual settlement entries here.

Glossary of terms

  • Statement Date: The calendar date when the statement report was issued.
  • Reference: The identifier for the Tamara statement report.
  • Sales: The total amount of sales done in the settlement period.
  • Refunds: The total amount of refunds returned in the settlement period.
  • Fees: The fees deducted as part of your agreement with Tamara.
  • VAT: Value added tax deductions according to ZATCA regulations.
  • Net Payable: Final amount to be transferred to your account from Tamara.
  • Status: Current status of settlement, either Not Settled, Pending or Settled.
  • Action: Button to perform an action of downloading the settlement report.