Dispute Management

Tamara Disputes provides a centralized hub for managing customer disputes, giving you a convenient summary of all incoming disputes and highlighting those that need your attention or action.

Discover the ultimate solution for handling customer disputes with Tamara Disputes. Our centralized hub provides a convenient overview of incoming disputes, highlighting the ones that require your immediate attention or action.

What are disputes?

Disputes happen when parties disagree. In customer situations, these can be complaints about products, services, billing, or any interaction with your business. It’s important to solve these problems in a timely manner to maintain strong customer relationships and make sure they’re happy with your business.

Gain insight into the world of disputes and unlock the keys to harmonious resolution.

Dispute management guide

Take control of customer disputes through Tamara's advanced dispute management option on our partner portal. Gain full visibility into every raised dispute, empowering you to efficiently navigate and resolve each case.

Let’s delve into the significance of each column:

  1. Created at: Date and time of creation of the dispute.
  2. Dispute ID: A unique identifier for each individual dispute, enabling easy tracking and reference.
  3. Reason: Gain clarity on the specific reason behind each dispute, enabling targeted and effective resolution.
  4. Days Left: Stay informed about the time remaining to respond to each dispute, ensuring timely actions and swift support.
  5. Status: Discover the current status of each dispute, providing value insights into its progress. For more information on various status types, refer to the below.
  6. Action: Available button actions that can be done on the dispute depending on its status.

Navigating dispute statuses

Disputes undergo various stages in their lifecycle, each carrying important implications.

Familiarize yourself with the following statuses:

  1. Awaiting merchant response: The customer has raised a dispute, and it awaits your timely response.
  2. Under review: You have responded, and the Tamara team is now reviewing the dispute.
  3. Dispute Cancelled: The customer has canceled the dispute.
  4. Closed: The dispute is resolved through a refund or by the Tamara agent.

User roles

Tamara provides two primary user roles, Admin and Dispute Manager, granting them access to the dispute management tab.

Additionally, we offer the flexibility to create custom roles, allowing you to tailor permissions specifically for handling disputes.