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  • Integrations
    • Platform Integrations
      Tamara works with all major eCommerce platforms to make integration effortless.
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    • Direct Integrations
      Explore direct integration options with Tamara’s API to provide customers with a smooth checkout experience.
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    • In-Store Checkout
      Enhance your in-store payment experience with our versatile integrations.
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    • Testing Guide
      Your key to seamless test transactions - our testing guide.
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    • Widgets
      Enhance your e-commerce site with Tamara’s widgets, increasing sales and customer loyalty.
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    • Order Status
      Experience seamless order management with real-time updates.
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  • Services
    • Order Management
      Effortlessly manage customer orders via our partner portal.
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    • Disputes
      Manage all your disputes in one place
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    • Settlements
      Understand all about settlements and how to track them.
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    • Branding Guidelines
      Maintain brand consistency while offering Tamara’s solutions using our branding guidelines.
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