1. Main settings

Click on Business Manager > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences

Under Custom Site Preference Groups > Click on Tamara Payment

Update the Cartridge Custom Site Preferences as per requirement.

tamaraEnablementEnable Tamara payment on the storefrontYesYes
tamaraEndPointTamara API endpoint
tamaraAPITokenAPI Token to be used in every single request to Tamara API.Will be provided by our partner team after completing the sandbox testing
tamaraSupportedCountriesThe codes for the countries that are allowed to use Tamara.AE,SA,KWAE,SA,KW
tamaraPriorityPDPWidgetDisplay Priority of Tamara Widget on the Product Details PagePAY_BY_INSTALMENTS PAY_BY_INSTALMENTS
tamaraNumberOfInstallmentsNumber of installments on the widget33
tamaraWebhookEventsNotification Webhook Events["order_approved",
"order_captured", "order_refunded",
"order_captured", "order_refunded",

2. Service Credentials

Click on Administration > Operations > Services > Service Credentials

All the services in use will be displayed here. Please ensure that the User and password fields for each service are blank.

3. Set the Order Failure Time

Click on Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Order > Failed Orders Setting

Click on Auto-Fail Orders > Set it to ‘30' minutes.

4. Webhooks

Your webhook endpoint that is used to receive notifications from Tamara when the order information is updated (status changes). You will need to enable the Webhook settings, to enable this feature.

Run the controller TamaraHook-Register: This will call a Tamara web service to subscribe to all the events mentioned in the ‘Webhook Events’.

After finishing the setup with all the above steps: Run TamaraHook-Register controller: You will receive the result with the webhook_id

This ID should be recorded at your end to update that webhook URL, if required in future.

5. Enable cartridge

Click on Business Manager > Administration > Organization > Roles > Business Manager Module

Select context, as shown below.

6. Widgets

Details on how to integrate different types of widgets into your e-commerce platform are available here