In-Store Order Status Flow

To integrate with Tamara and connect your stores/branches with our service, it is necessary to fully understand how the flow of our order statuses work and map them to your systemโ€™s statuses.

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In-Store Order Status Flow

Add Item(s) to cart new declined expired fully_captured partially_refunded fully_refunded Order Refunded Paid Successfully Checkout session created Not completed in 15 min

In-store Order Status Description


Merchant has initiated the checkout session with Tamara as a payment method for the customer and payment link sent to customer via SMS/Email by Tamara.


Customer was declined to continue the payment with Tamara.


Customer did not complete the payment with Tamara within 15 minutes of checkout session being created, and payment link URL opened on their phones.


Important Note

Incomplete orders such as (declined/expired) won't be listed on Tamara's partner portal.


Customer completed the 1st payment successfully and order has been fully_captured by the merchant(no interaction needed from Merchant to capture, this is automatic) and customer is eligible to leave with their products.


The order amount has been fully refunded by Tamara to the customer at the merchant's request.


Part of the order amount has been refunded by Tamara to the customer at the merchant's request.

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